What is it?

EXIF Reader is a module to read metadata from JPEG and TIFF images.

How do I install it?

gem install exifr

How do I use it?

$ irb -rubygems
>> require 'exifr'
>> EXIFR::JPEG.new('IMG_1234.JPG').exposure_time.to_s

Where's the documentation?

See the API documentation for details.

Where's the code?

The code for this module is hosted at github. You can find the original repository at remvee/exifr.

What if I find bugs?

Please report problems in the issue tracker at github. Don't forget to attach image files to help me reproduce the bugs you report!

If you can fix it yourself, fork my repository at github and issue a pull request (including the issue number) when you're done. Please provide test cases for you findings. If you provide images, keep them as small as possible, make sure their license permit both commercial reuse and derivative works (include copyright information if needed).